Student Loan Management

36,000,000 million Americans have student loan debt totaling over 1 trillion dollars. Student Help Network provides the tools for you to be successful. Our student loan dashboard removes the confusion and explains repayment options beneficial to your graduates and alumni.

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Student Loan Management Tool

In 2014 the average graduate has roughly $30,000 in student loans. Alumni Associations are a perfect vehicle to empower graduates with repayment options. Our repayment tool shows the borrower all of the information they need prior to entering repayment after graduation.

a·lum·nus noun plural noun: alumni a graduate or former student, especially male, of a particular school, college, or university.
Upon graduation, student who have graduated have roughly 6 months to find a job before repayment begins. Our Student Loan Dashboard provides a repository for all of their student loans.
Promote smart repayment and your alumni will never forget. Many student loan borrowers are unable to give back to their alumni when they graduate. Help them reach their potential faster.

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