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Private Student Loans
Federal Student Loans
  • Apply For An Income Based Repayment Plan – if you are experiencing a financial hardship you may be eligible to repay your loans based upon a calculation set forth by your loan holder.

  • Request and Initiate Deferment Process – if you are planning to go back to school or are temporarily unable to make payments the option of deferring your loans may make more sense.

  • Learn Options For Getting Out Of Default – if your loans have fallen into a default status there are options to get the loan out of a default status by re-affirming a payment plan on your student loans.
  • Department Of Education Consolidation – consolidating your federal loans through the department of education is an option available to federal student loan holders with some exceptions.

  • Request Hearing To Resolve Wage Garnishment – If your student loan holder has garnished your wages you can request a hearing with your loan holder to potentially remove the garnishment with new payment terms having already been arranged.

  • Apply For Loan Forgiveness Plans – depending on your current career status your employer or the loan holder may forgive a portion of your loans for you with some limitations.
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